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Day 1 September 25th 2018 (Tuesday)

15h15 – 16h30

B1 International Conference Room

Chair: François Cooren, Université de Montréal, CANADA

PANEL 1 Authority and Materiality: Ventriloquism as Communication (Standard paper session)

IADA 006

Of streams and lakes: Forms of ventriloquism in an environmental public hearing
THERESA R. CASTOR, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA

IADA 014

Chatting with the dead:
Social media dialogues with impersonated Twitter accounts

OREN LIVIO and SOFIA HAYTIN, University of Haifa, ISRAEL

IADA 026

Co-construction of authority in an hypnosis session
MATTHIEU BALAY, Université de Montréal, CANADA


Day 2 September 26th 2018 (Wednesday)


B1 International Conference Room

Chair: Tosti T.H. Chiang, National Taiwan Normal University

PANEL 2 Dialogues Through the Virtual and the Senses (Standard paper session)

IADA 002

Assembling the tweeter vitrine: Paper voicings analogue and digital
CHAIM NOY, Ashkelon Academic College, ISRAEL

IADA 041

Is Numerical Dialogue Addictive?: Of Loops, Pride and tensions in Social Media Communication.
JO M.KATAMBWE, University of Québec – Trois Rivières, CANADA

IADA 001

Artificial intelligence: Modern dialogue via old sociocultural barriers
SERGEI KLADKO, Independent Consultant, RUSSIA

IADA 005

The acousmatic generated by the stages of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Mexico City
CITLALY AGUILAR CAMPOS, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. UNAM, MEXICO


13h30 – 14h45 Parallel Sessions

ROOM 306

Chair: Ho-Chia Chueh, National Taiwan University

PANEL 3 Technology in Environmental and Communal Practices

(Standard Paper Session)  

IADA 010

Dialogue and deautomatization of the look in building knowledge for social environment
MIGUEL LUIZ CONTANI, Universidade Estadual de Londarina, BRAZIL

IADA 007

Spreading compassion and veganism through WeChat in Bhutan: A microcosm of the discourse of identity, community and modernity
DORJI WANGCHUK, University of Macau, MACAU

IADA 022

Invasive Issues at play:
The effects of news games toward environment attitude


ROOM 307

Chair: Theresa R. Castor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, U.S.A.

PANEL 4 Technology Empowerment, Civic Engagement, and Dialogue Potentials (Organized Panel)

YACHI CHEN, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN
YEN-CHIECH LO, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

IADA 025

After mobilization: Youth, political engagement and online performance in Hong Kong
IAM CHONG IP. Ling-Nan University, HONG KONG

IADA 027

How technology applications influence Taiwan's Sunflower Movement
HUI-WEN LO, Shih-Shin University, TAIWAN

IADA 029

Recovering the hurt feelings: Urban poor, cultural activism, and politics of friendship
YU-HUI TAI, National Chiao-Tung University, TAIWAN


15h00 – 16h15

ROOM 306

Chair: Nien-Hsuan Fang, National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan

PANEL 5 Media Representations and Practices on Different Platforms (standard paper session) (Room 306)

IADA 020

“I have been receiving similar information day by day”: Exploring how echo chamber is presented in algorithmic media from the perspective of discourse analysis
QIHONG YAN, Sun Yat-Sen University, CHINA

IADA 003

Unpacking dialogicality as afforded by WeChat: A Bakhtinian analysis
TODD SANDEL, University of Macau, MACAU

IADA 034

Framing dialogues among actors: Semantic network analysis of media representation of GM food
HO-CHIA CHUEH and WEI-FAN WU, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN

IADA 021

Imagination and domestication: The production of discursive algorithm power in the daily practice of users
QIHONG YAN, Sun Yat-Sen University, CHINA, and
SHUHUI LI, Nan Jing Univeristy, CHINA


Day 3 September 27th 2018 (Thursday)

10h45 – 12h00

B1 International Conference Room

Chair: Lih-Yun Lin, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN


Dialogues in Rogue Nation: What is the Answer to Social-Mediated Fake News and How Technology Can Redeem Itself to Foster Meaningful Public Dialogue? (Discussion Forum)
Organizer: HUEY-RONG CHEN, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

Media Literacy and Journalism Education
FU-YUEH LIN, Associate Professor, Chinese Culture University/Director of Public Affair, Taiwan Media Watch
Fact-Checking and Reality Checking
CHIH-REN CHENG, Deputy Editor, On-line Department, Apple Daily

Chatbot and Conversational Journalism: Cofacts – crowd-sourced fact-checking chatbot
JOHNSON LIANG and COFACT TEAM, Web developers and g0v participants, TAIWAN


13h30 – 14h45 Parallel Sessions

ROOM 306

PANEL 7 Finding, Defining, and Reaching the Other  (Standard paper session)

Chair: TBA

IADA 008

A paradoxical dialogue:
The presence/absence of Soviet patterns in Israeli literature
HELENA RIMON, Ariel University, ISRAEL

IADA 013

Dialogue with the others in the course of public educational meetings
ALENA VESILYEVA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A.


ROOM 307

Chair: Yachi Chen, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

PANEL 8 Identity in, Between, and as Language

IADA 004

Dialogues with dominant official language in identity formation in contemporary Taiwan
FENG-YI CHU, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN

IADA 011

Stranger and honorification in Santali, Mundari and Ho
TANIMA BAGCHI and RAJESH KUMAR, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, INDIA

IADA 012

Language of the others:
A study of “Tuanjie” dialect used between the Yi and Han ethnic groups in Liangshan
YING LIANG and JINGYI ZHOU, Sichuan University, CHINA


15h00 – 16h15 Parallel Sessions

ROOM 306

Chair: Doobo Shim, Sungshin University, KOREA

PANEL 9 Crossing Cultures Through Popular Media: The Effects of Globalization

IADA 009

Science Fiction – breaking of obsolete cultural barriers

IADA 031

Relating to a foreign culture through cinema:
Critical intercultural dialogue as a strategy for language education.
FRANCISCO J. LŌPEZ RODRÍGUEZ, Aichi Prefectual University, JAPAN


ROOM 307

Chair: Wei-Ching Wang, National Taiwan Normal University

PANEL 10 Between Transcendental and Ontological: Materiality and Dialogical Becoming

IADA 032

In dialogue with material and social relations: aesthetics, senses, and the designer as a place
WEN-HUA CHANG and HUEY-RONG CHEN, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

IADA 033

“Haunting” as a grammatical relation: Visor effects in dialogues, the function of camera in “Cache,” “The Act of Killing,” and “Small Talk”
HUEY-RONG CHEN, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN



DAY 4 September 28

11h05 – 11h55

B1 International Conference Room

Chair: Yu-Wei Hu, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

PANEL 11 Relating to/through technology: agency and (in)humanity

IADA 028

ICT as a teddy bear for accompanying older people in remote areas: A volunteered-based study
YEN-CHIEH LO, Chinese Culture University, TAIWAN

IADA 039

Dementia literacy and risk communication
YEN-YU LO, Tzi-Chi University/Buddhist Tzi-Chi Hospital, TAIWAN

IADA 040

Selfie and psycho-politics: Technology, visibility and friendly Big Brother
HSIU-CHIN HONG, Independent Researcher, TAIWAN